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RealConnex sends you e-mail notifications to stay updated on everything going on in your account. To manage the types of notifications you want to receive and their frequency, go to SETTINGS (to get to the Settings page, click on your your name, and select "Settings" from the menu)

In the Settings page, scroll down and you will find the following section:


Clickin ON/OFF activates or deactivates each type of notifications. If you want to define the frequency or specify specifically the notifications you want in each category, click DETAILS:

Each category may have different options. If you want to be notified right when there's a new update, select "Individual Emails". Else, you can receive a daily or weekly email with all the notifications of that category combined. Each category represents one e-mail digest.

General information about RealConnex

RealConnex sends sporadic e-mails with updated on new features, promotions or general information. You can stay updated by selected ON on this section. You can also turn it OFF.


Emails from RealConnex users

RealConnex users may send e-mails from the Message Center.

When you receive an e-mail from users, there is always a link at the bottom to UNSUBSCRIBE from that specific user. However, you can also unsubscribe from specific users in this section simply by entering the user's name. After you click on the name appearing on the drop-down, that name will appear on a list below. If no name appears on a dropdown you may have the wrong name or that user may not be a member. If you want to resubscribe to a user's email, simply click on the RESUBSCRIBE button beside the user name.



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