How to Build Profile, Reputation and Influence

Every Real Estate professional knows it’s essential to be well known and highly regarded within your offline network, but it’s even more important to have a high profile on RealConnex.

Why exactly? The beauty of RealConnex is that you can make more connections, quicker and more cheaply than what is possible using traditional methods. Therefore the upside for you and your business being well known in our community is so much greater.

RealConnex makes it easy to build your reputation and be a person or company of influence on the platform.

Use a range of tools to help establish yourself as a domain or subject matter leader, key influencer and/or credible industry professional.

How to Build Reputation & Influence


  • Profile

    Show people that you are credible by building out your profile by at least 80%, but 100% will serve you even better. Investing the time will have huge benefits by yielding 35 times more and better quality connections.

    How to Profile > Edit Profile
  • Verification

    Next, get Verified. Dealing with verified profiles on RealConnex gives you the confidence that you are doing business with individuals who have had their experience checked and validated. Other users on the site will expect the same of you. Click here to get an individual or a company verified today.

Showcase Expertise

  • Blog

    Publish your own content on subject matter to demonstrate knowledge and thought leadership

    How to: Profile > Click ‘Write an Article’ directly from your dashboard

  • Discussions

    Start discussions on topics you think will be interesting to the RealConnex community. As other will members engage and comment they notice you as someone who has value to add. Member may choose to ‘Follow’ your profile so they get all of your updates.

    How to: Profile > Start typing in the text box directly from your Dashboard

  • Comments

    Engage with other discussions and blogs to share your opinions with other members posts.

    How to: Beneath each article or post within the Dashboard is a text box. Type your comments here.

Get Rated

  • Peer Ratings

    Perhaps there is no higher form of validation of your professionalism and skill set than being rated by your peers. For members who don’t know you, ratings communicate instant credibility. RealConnex makes it easy to request ratings and rate other members.

    Upload your contacts and ask your friends to rate you. 

    How to: Have your peers click the blue circle under your profile photo > RateScreen_Shot_2017-09-29_at_11.29.10_AM.png


What I Do

  • What I Do

    This is the section of your profile that details the type of real estate you work with, the asset class, your risk profile, what strategies you employe and your average deal size you target. This is important information to ensure you are contacted with the right opportunities.

Show Track Record

  • Add Track Record to Profile

    As you get noticed and build your reputation, more and more members will visit your profile. Showcasing your professional experience by listing # projects worked on, Square footage you have developed or owned, Average IRR % and the dollar value of your deals completed is a powerful way to demonstrate to other members the scope of your experience.

    How to: Add ‘Track Record’ information when editing your Profile

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