Think of the Dashboard as your RealConnex HQ. The Dashboard will take you wherever it is on the site you need to go or whatever business objective you have in mind.

The Dashboard is customized and different for each member providing an overview of all things that matter most to you. The more you use RealConnex, the more relevant the information the Dashboard will put in front of you.  

Let’s run through the key Dashboard elements.


The Zone

This is the area in the top navigation bar related to a goal you are seeking. You can select to Raise Capital, Invest or Lend, Services, Buy, Sell or Lease or Network. Click here for a full explanation of The Zone 

Notification Widget

You will find a summary of the actions related to your profile, company and posts as they happen.


Live Notification Ticker

Get all of your notifications here. Discover who viewed your profile, your recent connections, your followers and more.



Post Widget

Build reputation and speak with your community by communicating with fellow members. Share an update, link to an article, write your own article or share a post from your personal or company account.



Stay connected to the people and news that matters most to your business. Your customized Newsfeed lets you view updates from your network and serves you up the latest curated industry news.


Guidance & Tips

We'll guide you through specific things you should do to make sure you're getting maximum value from your time spent on RealConnex



We will improve your RealConnex experience by making useful recommendations based on your profile, posts and activity on the RealConnex site. The more complete your profile, the more precise the recommendations.



Get Verified

Verified Members are seen to be more credible and attract 35% more engagement


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