Admin Rights for your Post

When creating a Post, RealConnex allows a User the following:

  • Associate a Post to a Company the User is connected to
  • Allow other Members of (chosen) Company to edit that Post

When you create or edit a post you can select these options. 

First, create or edit a post. (You can learn how to create or edit a post here)

Next, in the "Edit Post" page, under the “Post Details” tab, check the “Checkbox” for the choice: “Also link the post to” (as shown in illustration below):

Next, select the Company you would like the Post to be associated with (as shown in illustration below):

Lastly, you can choose to: “Allow Members of the company to edit/manage this post” by checking on the checkbox (as shown in illustration below). This will allow all members of this company to edit your post. You will receive a notification when a user edits your post. Please make sure you have subscribed to e-mail notifications.

Do not forget to SAVE the post when you finish editing it.

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