Complete your Profile: Connecting to your Company

No Profile is complete without connecting to your Company and RealConnex makes linking to your Company fast and easy!

First, click on your name in the upper right hand corner and choose “My Companies” and then click on “Create or Connect to a Company” button (as shown in illustration below):

Next, enter the name of the Company you want your profile to be associated within the text field and click on “Connect” (as shown in illustration below):

When completed you will be greeted with the following message: Your request to join (Name of Your Company) was sent.  You will be notified when this requests gets approved (as shown in illustration below):

Now the Company you want to add to your profile will get a notice to review your request and if approved, the Company you want to connect with will be added to your profile!  Be sure to check your E-mail Inbox for a confirmation message if you are approved (as shown in illustration below):

You are done!  You profile is now associated with the Company you would like a connection with!

** For Company Administrators, please consult with the next section for approving Professionals to be associated with your Company’s profile page. **

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