Link Co-Workers and Associates to your Company’s profile

If you created a Company profile, you are the "Admin" of this profile. As such, you decide if you want to approve or reject a petition to be linked to this profile.

To do so, Go to "Edit Company" page. Click on your Name in the upper right hand corner and click on “My Companies” and then click on the “Edit Pencil” located on your Company field (as shown in illustration below):

Scroll down to your “Company Members” section and click the “Approval Pending” tab to see your list of Users awaiting your approval.  You will have two choices for each Contact: Accept or Decline (as shown in illustration below):

Whether you "Accept" or “Decline” the Contact request, the user will receive an e-mail notification.



You can view your list of Members at any time by clicking on the “Approved Members” tab to view your approved list. You can "unlink" any member from the Company profile at any time clicking on the "Discard" (trash can) icon. If you want another user to receive contacts, emails and notifications about the Company, you can also click on the radio-button beside that member and this user will become the Primary Contact (but you will still be the Admin of this profile) 


Every time a new member requests to be linked to your Company, you will receive an E-mail notification informing you of the request for a person to connect with your Company (as shown in illustration below):


You are done!  You have now accepted or declined a Contact to your Company’s profile!


Someone else has admin rights to the profile of your Company?

If so, contact us at 

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