Activities: Discover the Tools & Features that are Only Available on RealConnex!

RealConnex offers more tools and features than any of the commercial real estate databases in the industry!

On the top toolbar click on the “Activities” icon to see a full selection of our tools & features (as shown in illustration below):

RealConnex offers you the following:

·         Data Rooms: Share documents privately and securely

·         Discussions: Start, view or join a discussion

·         Syndications: Syndicate your deals begins here

·         Message Center (CRM): Send e-mails and message.  In addition, create & manage groups plus edit your Address Book

·         Bookmarks: Access your favorite bookmarked pages all in one place

·         My Connections: Open, Manage and View your Connections

·         My Followers: View and Manage your Followers on RealConnex

·         My Posts: Manage, View or Delete your Posts from the RealConnex Marketplace

·         My Requirements: Manage, View or Delete your Requirements.  Access your Lighthouse Matches

With RealConnex’s full range of tools & features, you can manage your entire real estate world all within RealConnex!


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