How Much Does It Cost?

How Much Does It Cost?  Find Out More About Concierge Service

Thank you for your interest in RealConnex Conierge Service.  To find out more information including costs about RealConnex Concierge Service simply go to the top toolbar, click on the Zone you would like Concierge Service for:

  • Raise Capital
  • Invest or Lend
  • Services
  • Buy, Sell or Lease

In the “VIP Services” section, click on “Concierge Assistance” (as shown in illustration below):

Click “Apply” or “Learn More”, the application is a fast form with the following fields:

·         Phone Number

·         Amount

·         Discuss my requirements for:

·         Description

·         I just want more information (Checkbox)

*Please note, the form for some “Concierge Service” may have 1 or more additional fields to fill out.

An Accredited Partner will call you with 24 business hours.

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