How Do I Set Up My Address Book?

Message Center: My Address Book Is Empty

With RealConnex Message Center, you can easily add Contacts to your Address Book to start e-mailing right away!

RealConnex Message Center allows you to add Contacts easily in 2 ways:

1) Under the "Address Book" section, click on the “New Contact” icon in Contacts to manually add a Contact (as showing in illustration below):

Manually enter the following fields:

·         First Name

·         Last Name

·         Company

·         Job Title

·         E-mail (Under Contact Details)

·         Phone (Under Contact Details)

·         Address (Under Contact Details)

·         URL (Under Contact Details)

·         Notes (Under Contact Details)

Press “Create” to create the Contact.

2) Import a CSV file from popular services like Gmail, Microsoft Outlook and Linkedin (as shown in illustration below):

Adding Contacts to your “Message Center” is as easy as your other popular address books apps!

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