Find, Manage and Edit Groups

Message Center: Find, Manage and Edit Groups

In RealConnex Message Center, “Groups” have their own section in the left hand toolbar (as shown in illustration below):

You can manage your “Groups” the following ways:

1) Add a new group by clicking on the “+” icon on the right of the “Groups” heading.  Simply create a new “Group” by entering the Group’s name (as shown in illustration below):

2) To delete a “Group”, click the "Checkbox" to the left of the name of the “Group” you would like to delete and press the “Remove Groups” button and confirm by clicking on “Yes” or “No” (as shown in illustration below):

Adding or Removing Contacts to a “Group”: Organizing Your Groups

Adding a Contact to a “Group” or removing a Contact from a "Group" can be done by clicking into your “Contact” on the left hand toolbar under "Address Book" and then checking the "Checkbox" next to the Contact(s) you would like to add or move in the Contact List and then clicking on the “Add to Group” or "Remove" tabs as illustrated in the picture below.

Be sure to press the "Save" button to save your changes!

With Message Center, managing your “Groups” is a quick, easy and convenient!

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