E-mail Your Listing To Your Contacts

Message Center: E-mail Your Listing To Your Contacts

RealConnex offers an original feature that allows you to send an e-mail to your Contacts and/or Group plus create a listing in the RealConnex Marketplace!

From the top toolbar, click on the “Buy, Sell or Lease” icon and then choose “Email your listing to your contacts” (as shown in illustration below):

Next choose from the following (as shown in illustration below):

For our example, we will choose “Property for Sale.”

Email Info: Compose Your Message

Enter the e-mail you want to send to in the “To” field.

Enter the “Subject” of your e-mail here.

If you want to send an e-mail to one of your groups from your “Address Book”, you will be able to select it here:

Use the “Content” section to compose your message.  Note the features available to use including uploading a picture and linking to a video.

Finish your e-mail with your “Signature.”

Property Info: Create Your Listing

Create your listing for your property by filling in as many of the fields with the information you have.

*Please note, each listing (“Property for Sale”, “Space or Property for Lease” and “Residential Property for Sale” features different fields to fill out).

For “Property For Sale”, the “Property Type” field is required.

Photos: Make Your Listing Shine

The “Photos” section will allow you to upload your photo.  Click on the add photo icon to upload your photo.

Attachments: Attach a Document

Use the “Attachments” section to include your PDFs, Request for Confidentiality documents or any other documents you would like to upload.

Preview: Review Your E-mail and Listing

To see what your listing and e-mail will look like, click on the “Preview” button.

Send an E-mail or Send an E-mail & Post a New Listing (At the Same Time)

When your message is ready RealConnex gives you the following options:

To send an e-mail only, click on the “Send” button.

To send an e-mail and create a listing at the same time, click on “Add to my Posts & Send” button (highly recommended).

Save time and do more!  Create an e-mail and a listing at the same time with RealConnex’s “Email your listing to your contacts” feature!

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