Lighthouse Impacts on Privacies

Lighthouse Impacts on Privacies: Respecting Your Settings

RealConnex is a platform that understands the sensitivities and confidentialities concerns of our Users and RealConnex Users have complete control over their Privacy Settings.

From the top toolbar, click on “Activities” and then “My Requirements” (as shown in illustration below):

Notice in the “Privacy, Followers & Networking” section, you have full control over your “Privacy”, “Followers” and “Networking” rules (as shown in illustration below):

With RealConnex you have total control of which members of the RealConnex community you would like to be able to access your Post from as general as “Public” to as specific as “Accredited Investor”.  RealConnex also allows “Custom Settings” as well!

RealConnex has translated all the sensitivities and confidentialities concerns by giving you total control!

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