What is a Data Room?

What is a Data Room?  Your Workflow Transformed

Whether you are pitching a proposal or trying to close a deal, getting everyone to work on the same page or collaborate is a big hassle.

E-mails, messages and important files are tough to track when you are working with an e-mail or Instant Messenger system that offers limited functionality and control over your project.

A “Data Room” is your virtual workroom that will help keep you and your fellow team members, deal makers and real estate professionals in the loop by offering a virtual office to login to communicate and exchange content with your selected circle in a secure & safe environment where only you and your working group can easily access.

In addition get added security benefits.  RealConnex offers you complete control over which members of the community have the authority to access and work with you in a Collaboration Room.

RealConnex understands the importance of your information including the security of all of your messages & files.  Your information and files are stored on secured servers and only you can control who has access.

What’s more, your “Data Room” is completely mobile!  You and your team can login from any desktop or mobile device.  You never have to worry about being left out of the loop as long as you have a computer or mobile device nearby.

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