How do I Import Contacts into RealConnex?

Importing existing contacts from your email or another source will help you communicate more effectively with those you already know and be introduced to other RealConnex users.

To import your contacts, click the orange envelope icon in the top menu to get to your MESSAGE CENTER.


From your MESSAGE CENTER, you can import contacts in a number of ways. You can click ADDRESS BOOK, and add a new contact or new group.


You can also click the top section shown in the above image. You can import contacts from Gmail, Outlook/Hotmail, or by creating a .CSV file. Simply click on the icon of your preference.

image6.pngIf you choose Google/Gmail or Outlook/Hotmail, you will be prompted to connect with that third-party via a pop-up box. You can also upload your contacts via a CSV file. If you want to upload contacts from any other source, you can create a CSV file and follow these instructions.

When this process is completed, you will have imported your contacts into RealConnex.


Once you’ve imported your contacts, you will find them in your CONTACTS page in the MESSAGE CENTER. If you decide to import your contact to group(s), these contacts will also appear inside the corresponding group(s).

Once you import your contacts, individuals will be automatically saved to your Address Book, which you can find in the Message Center.

A pop up will also allow you to invite your contacts to join RealConnex and to connect to those already in RealConnex so they become part of your RealConnex network.

Find more about the difference between Contacts and Network in this article.

You can also import contacts directly into a Group.

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