Welcome Miami Association of Realtor Members

Welcome Miami Association of Realtor Members

As a member of Miami Association of Realtors, you can automatically sign up for RealConnex with some of your information pre-loaded. RealConnex connects you with the institutions and individuals you need to get the close more deals and raise your profile in the industry, and the association.

RealConnex works for you 24/7 to connect you to capital, investments, services, and opportunities based on how you fill out your profile The more information you provide the higher level of functionality you can unlock.

How to sign up for RealConnex

It’s easy! Simply create a password, agree to the terms, and click ACTIVATE.


After you’ve created a password, you’ll be asked to enter your Company Name as well as your Title. You can begin by typing the name of your company to see if it appears in the list.


If your company appears in the list, you can click CONNECT.

If your Company Name is not already in RealConnex, you can create your company by typing your company name and upload your company logo.


You should also enter your Title/Role/Position.

Next you will need to import contacts (you can choose to skip) from Google/Gmail, Outlook/Hotmail, or a .CSV file.


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To get the most out of RealConnex, you need to completely fill in your profile. RealConnex will guide you through the setup process.

From here, you can fill out your profile with the most up to date information about you.

If there is information that you would like to keep private (or would not normally share in your day to day activities), you can click the little gray lock, which will turn orange.

When these locks are orange, it means that RealConnex uses the information to make matches. The information can be requested by another user from your profile but essentially remains hidden.

Now, you’re ready to take advantage of all that RealConnex has to offer. When the lighthouse in the top right of your screen is on, your profile is broadcasted to others. This means you’re going to get matched. The more you add to your personal profile, the better matches you’ll get.

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