Dashboard General Overview – How to Stay On Top Of the Action

Enhanced Dashboard

Get all the information you need at a glance. Our new Live Terminal allows you to check the status of your personal profile, company and posts, and any activities associated with them.

The dashboard is broken up into 4 sections:

1. Live Ticker

Up to the minute updates: notifications; latest activity; who viewed your profile or company profile or posts; what is happening in the discussions you participate in.

2. Keep informed

Find the latest articles from about the real estate community. You can also check our blog here: https://www.realconnex.com/blog/


3. Live Terminal

Save time by getting the statistics on all your work on RealConnex

4. Latest Posts

Get the latest on the latest deals and services posted by fellow members of RealConnex

Start exploring in anyone of our sections in the “Dashboard” and always be in the loop with all your RealConnex activity and news!

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