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Requirements are an innovation unique to RealConnex. It allows members to add functionality to a PROFILE and / or a POST. Found at the bottom of your profile or post, the Requirement Section or Requirements Basket is a collection of individual functional elements that can be individually configured and activated by a mini Lighthouse. These elements alert the community of a new need. As that need or requirement is met, the lighthouse associated with it is e deactivated or turned off. 

 Think of this as a saved search associated with your profile or post. 

How to add requirements to your profile:

1. Go to "Edit Profile" on your profile page.

2. Once in Edit Mode, scroll down to "Requirements" and add all your "Needs".


How do I add requirements to my Posts?

1. Go to "Edit Post"

2. Once in Edit Mode, scroll down to "Requirements" and add all your "Needs".

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