Private Sharing - Overview

Step 1. Add a Room.


Step 2. Room Information: A “Room” can be linked to your personal profile, your company profile, or a post. So select the one that first your need and add a title to the room. The title will help you and the people you share it with identify the documents inside.


Step 3. Invite People: you can invite other users of RealConnex by just typing their names, or non-members of RealConnex by just typing their e-mail address. They will receive an invitation to join your room.


Step 4. Once your room is created, you can start adding files. To add a file to your room, click on your room’s name and, once inside your room, click “add a file”

Step 5. Upload a file: click on “Choose file”, select the file/s you want to upload, and click “upload”. You can then close the pop-up window. You can come back to the room at anytime and add more files or delete them.

Step 6. Download files. You or your members can come to the room at anytime and download the files by clicking the download icon.


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