How to Create and Edit Posts

Posting to the Marketplace. 

Posts in RealConnex are now created via one of the Zone Navigation buttons. A post is created automatically for you depending on the option (outcome) you selected. You will be guided to the post. You monitor all interactions with your post on the Dashboard Live Terminal

There is also a convenient short cut to create a post in the "Activities" button (coming soon) 

To Create a Post:

  1. Select a "Zone" Navigation button  (Figure 1)
  2. Select an option from the menu. Mouse over each option to get a description 
  3. Follow the prompts on the menu sliders 
  4. Select Go.  RealConnex will select and create the correct post form for you
  5. Select Submit to complete the post.

Your posing is now recorded in on the Live Terminal AND in the Post Management area. Engagement with your post can be tracked in these two areas. It can also be edited in these areas.

Figure 1.

2. Once you decide what you need, click "Go".

Figure 2

3. Fill out as much information as possible so RealConnex can match your needs to the fullest.

Figure 3


To Edit:

1. To go back and make changes on your post you must scroll over to your "Name" and "Title" on the "

Zone". Click on "See My Posts".

2. Next, simply click on the "Edit" Icon on the Post you would like to edit.

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