Club Privé - for Investors

RealConnex Club Privé is our high net worth, fund and family office club comprising of around 2000 organizations. 

Members raising capital (equity or debt) are invited to apply to LIVE PITCH the club. If selected, RealConnex will arrange the gathering and invite members from around the world who have indicated an interest in the characteristics of the asset being pitched. 

How it works:

Pitching Club Privé

  1. Members wishing to raise capital apply to pitch the club
  2. If selected, both the member and the project, deal or fund is profiled and published by RealConnex
  3. Details of the opportunity are loaded onto RealConnex and set up for direct investment (Reg D 506 c, b or Reg A) *
  4. A deal room is opened on the site
  5. A venue is selected and accredited investor Club members are invited to attend or live video conference into the event
  6. Accredited investors meet the sponsor and the opportunity in a live forum

Joining Club Privé

Only accredited investors are invited to join 

  1. Only RealConnex Accredited and Verified investors are invited to join the club
  2. On joining, all members are fully profiled to gain a clear understanding of their investment criteria
  3. Members are invited to attend functions when opportunities matching their criteria is selected


* All compliance is undertaken by Silver Portal Capital, a Finra registered Broker Dealer.

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