Discussions are an important networking and engagement tool in Realconnex. You can start or join discussions. You can start a discussion and associate a discussion with your profile or a post to give it more relevance and context. 

Accessing Discussions

You can access the discussion menu from any Zone Navigation button and the Activities menu


  1. Go to:  
  2. In the Zone Navigation , go to “Activities”, then click on “Discussions”
  3. If you are interested in a discussion on a specific topic, you can click on any of the main “objective” icons on the Navigation Zone, and then “Start/Join a discussion”.

Searching Discussions

You can search for a discussion using keywords, objectives, property type, topic tag, author, or any of these combined. Use the input boxes and drop-down menus at the top of the discussions area.

Creating a Discussion

  1. Using the Navigation Zone: you can create a discussion related to a specific objective by clicking on any of the “objective” icons of the top navigation bar, selecting “Start/Join a Discussion” and then clicking on “Start a new discussion”


  1. In “Discussions”, click on the button “Create Discussion” at the top right.

A new page will show, with several fields to fill in:

Title: create a unique title so people can identify the contents of your discussion easily; make sure the content and focus of your discussion is clear.

Image: you can upload an image or logo which may help identify your discussion.

Topic Tags: this helps users easily find your discussion via tags. Enter tags separated by commas.

Associated with: a discussion may be linked to your profile, your company profile or your posts. Select the corresponding option.

Objective: if you have a specific objective, you can add it selecting the right option. Your selection will also help other users with the same objective find your discussion.

Asset Type: you can include the property types which relate to your discussion by selecting all options you want.

Description: This is the most important field because it will provide the main content of the discussion and guide other members on the type of information or interaction you are expecting.

Entity fields: if applicable, select the options that relate to your content.

Custom Data: add data to further personalize your discussion.


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