Showcase Services

Showcase Services

RealConnex is a powerful tool for Showcasing your services and connecting to opportunities as they emerge. Once you have posted your service RealConnex will match that service to opportunities that meet your post criteria. If your privacy setting allow, RealConnex will also distribute your service showcase onto the web to improve your reach. Its business development 24 x 7. It works so you don't have to. 

How it works

  1. Post one or more of your services through Zone > Services > Showcase Services
  2. Follow the prompts. Select your service category
  3. Configure your post and select your ideal engagement criteria
  4. Turn on your post lighthouse 
  5. Once submitted you can monitor who's engaging with your posts in 
  6. Ensure that Followers are permissioned. Now you can build profiled and qualified groups around your services.

Real Time Engagement ?

You can view who's engaging with your post in three places

  1. On the Live ticker:                       Dashboard > Live Ticker
  2. Live Tracker:                               Dashboard > Live Terminal > My Posts
  3. Posts Management platform:    Zone Navigation > My account > My Post

Other Options

  • Start a discussion about your service. The more content you create around your service the better.
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