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RealConnex provides a comprehensive range of tools to engage your audience.



The Engagement Widget

You will find the “Engagement Widget” all over RealConnex site. You will identify it with this icon   

This element is associated with every profile and every engagement alert. When you click on it, it will display the menu above. Simply select the action you wish and follow the prompts 

 Widget Actions: 

  • Message:                       Email members
  • Follow:                          Follow profiles or posts
  • Group                            Set up or add to a group for later communication
  • Bookmark                      Bookmark and refer back later
  • Connect & Network         Apply to Connect and add member to your network
  • Rate                              Rate a member
  • Invite / Share                 Invite a member to View a post, a discussion, your data room or any other                                          activity you have set up

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