The Followers feature in RealConnex is a powerful business development feature allowing you to build profiled and quality communities around your profile and your posts. You can communicate with Followers, but followers cannot contact you without your permission. (See Networking for 2 way communication)

Setting Up

  1. Set up your Follower permissions in your profile and posts (see privacy). Configuring these setting assures relevant following
  2. The default setting allows all members to follow your profile. 

Viewing Followers

You can view your Follower activity in three places

  1. On the Live ticker:                       Dashboard > Live Ticker
  2. Live Tracker:                               Dashboard > Live Terminal
  3. Followers Management platform:  Zone Navigation > Activites > My Followers
  4. Email.  You are alerted in your RCX in-box and optionally in your external email to new followers

Managing Followers

  • Select "Activites"
  • Select "My Followers"
  • This will take you to the Followers management platform where yo can view/sort/manage and communicate with your followers




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