How to add and resize images in my messages/emails?

If you are composing a message inside Message Center (CRM) or Listings, you may want to add an image to your message. There are two ways to do this:

1) Insert image: this option will insert an image inline. Using this option, you can decide where in your message the image will appear (eg: you may want to write some text, then add an image, then add more text).

With this option, you can also re-size your image. This is how:

Step 1. Click on the "Insert Image" icon and select your image. The image will appear in the body of your message.

Step 2. Click on the image. An "Edit box" will appear below with options of sizes. You can click any of the sizes displayed (25%, 50% or 100%) or you can simply click on the corner of the image, and drag-and-drop resizing exactly as you want it.

Tip: if you need more space to visualize your message, you can click in the bottom line of the input box (where the three lines icon is) and drag it down.

 2) Upload File: you can also add an image as an attachment. Click on "Upload File" button and select your image. This image will be added in its original size and format.



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