Other users are not finding me...

We care about your privacy so we have set several mechanisms that allow you to control how other users see you. If you want to be found, make sure you check the following:

1) Turn your lighthouse on

You have a lighthouse in your profile (and your profile requirements); your company )and your company requirements), and your posts (and your posts requirements). Depending on what you want to broadcast, make sure you turn it ON.

Lighthouse is always ON by default.


2) Edit your Privacy Settings

Your profile, company and posts have privacy settings. Make sure they are set to "Public" or edit as needed. You can access these by going to the "Edit" page of your profile, company or posts. Scroll down... settings are towards the bottom of the page.

More information about Privacy can be found in this article "Privacy & Confidentiality".


3) Edit your "Confidentiality Locks"

Every field of your profile, company and posts have "Confidentiality Locks". Make sure you turn them off.

(You can see if they are ON if they are in red)


More information about Confidentiality Locks can be found in this article "Privacy & Confidentiality".



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